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A QUIETWORKS pump is a device that moves fluids. It creates motion by the mechanical action of either moving the parts of the pump to move the fluid (rotary, orbital, progressive cavity), or by moving the fluid and letting it force parts at rest (diaphragm, vane, piston).

Get the job done quickly with this high-performance, high-capacity pump. Oil-free, 2 HP performance for industrial or professional use. Comes with 25" of 3/4" hose, No. 10 ANSI flanged fittings, 810C stainless steel pump housing for corrosion resistance, and an extra long 10" cord. Our pump is designed to move water?ideal for small projects, like a pond or fountain. Operated by a simple pull cord, it delivers a forceful stream of fresh water. The water flows directly from its spigot, so you can use it right away.

Pumps have a long history, and have been used for centuries to move liquids around. They keep everything from fuel for your car to water for your garden in good working condition. We offer a wide variety of pumps, from small, lightweight pool pumps to large commercial air-operated diaphragm pumps with large volumes. Pumps are key components of many mechanical processes and machines, both those that operate automatically and by human control and initiation.

The plunger pump is an ancient, simple, and the least expensive of all pumps. It forms the basis for all other pumps. The simplest form of this device is a rod of wood or metal that is lifted into an upright position by means of a lever and then released to fall under gravity. When most people think of a pump, they are thinking of a plunger pump.

A number of factors affect the selection of a pump, such as the type and amount of liquid to be handled, the temperature, head and pressure available, the method of power supply, the price and performance limitations among other things. The type or sizes of pumps best suited for a specific situation can depend on the experience of those involved.There are three primary types of pumps: centrifugal, reciprocating, and positive displacement. Learn more about the different types of pumps in the table below.

The mechanical pump was invented in ancient times and remains in wide use today. Charles Parsons (1854–1931) patented the first successful rotary steam turbine, known as an impulse turbine. Knowledge about rocketry and jet propulsion has led to a wide variety of special-purpose pumps.

The pump is the heart of your septic system. It moves the septic tank effluent to the soil absorption field. Things that can damage a pump and affect its ability to move effluent include roots from trees and shrubs growing into and around the discharge pipe, frozen pipes, tree roots clogging the absorption field, effluent in the discharge pipe freezing in winter weather, back siphonage caused by unusually heavy flooding after pumping has stopped .This new high quality aluminum hand pump is constructed of metal, instead of plastic. This pump is ideal to use as an emergency water pump, or as a backup pumping source. Bring this compact pump with you on your next hunting trip, camping expedition, or even for your next family vacation!

The water pump is responsible for circulating the fluid that enters your vehicle"s engine. If a water pump fails your car won"t run correctly and will eventually stop working. Most engine problems are becasue of water pump failure so changing it regularly is extremely importantThe new pump from Sayco is made of aluminum and fits full-grown men. No more struggling with plastic pumps or heavy, cumbersome equipment that cause back strain. With Sayco’s Pump v2.0, you’re ready to start building muscle in the comfort of your own home!

pumps are used to move liquids, slurries and gases from one location to another. There are various types of pumps depending on the application. Pumps fall under major groups according to the method they use to move the fluid, these groups include friction, transmission, and velocity pumps. A pump is a mechanical device that moves fluids or slurries. It consists of a pumping chamber with at least one inlet and one outlet, pistons to do work and a power source to supply energy for movement. This pump is a direct-acting rotary positive displacement type of pump. It can be used to raise the level of a liquid. operation requires an input of mechanical energy and consists of cycles with the following two phases:





What is web design

Web design encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites. The different areas of web design include web graphic design; user interface design; authoring, including standardised code and proprietary software; user experience design; and search engine optimization. This article focuses on web design as performed by a professional web designer. Web design encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites. The different areas of web design include web graphic design, user interface design and front-end development.

Web design is a combo discipline of graphic and interaction design, software development, user experience design, content development, and search engine optimization. It encompasses many different skills and disciplines. Web designers are often involved in multidisciplinary projects. The various areas of web design include: Web graphic design covers the visual style of a website. This includes aspects such as the layout, color scheme, logo, fonts, and graphics. Web design encompasses many different skills, including graphic design and authoring, with code-based authoring techniques leading to standardized code. Web design is the practice of designing websites. Being a diverse discipline, web design spans several different skills and areas of expertise, including graphic design, information architecture, interface design, software development, user experience design and search engine optimization.

The areas of web design are visual design, interaction design, information architecture, user experience design, and search engine optimization. The term web design is mostly used interchangeably with web development, although the latter refers to a wider range of Development concerns. Web design is the process of planning and creating a website for commercial or non-commercial purposes. Web designers produce web pages by assembling user interface elements using web-based authoring tools.

درباره ژاپن

ژاپن کشوری جذاب با قدرت اقتصادی و تجاری و دارای فرهنگ غنی و زیباست. ژاپنی ها لقب "جادوگران فنی" را دارند، زیرا بعد از حادثه هیروشیما به مدت 40 سال لقب دومین اقتصاد جهان را دراختیار داشتند. توکیو پایتخت ژاپن، بزرگترین منطقه شهری جهان با جمعیت 32.5 میلیون نفر است. این کشور مجمع الجزایری متشکل از 6852 جزیره در اقیانوس آرام است. هوکایدو، دومین جزیره بزرگ ژاپن و شمالی­ترین استان، یک چهارم زمین­های قابل کشت ژاپن را تشکیل می­دهد. الان، ژاپن سومین اقتصاد بزرگ جهان است. این کشور 68 شرکت در 100 شرکت برتر جهان مانند تویوتا، هوندا موتور، پاناسونیک، سونی و توشیبا را دارا است. این شرکت­هابه پیشبرد فناوری در زمینه­هایی مانند روباتیک، دستگاه­های پزشکی، انرژی پاک و فضاپیماها می­پزدازند. جامعه ژاپن به طرز شگفت انگیزی یکپارچه است. نژاد اصلی ژاپنی 98 درصد جمعیت قابل توجه این کشو را تشکیل می­دهد. درحالیکه مناطق مختلف ژاپن به داشتن گویش­های محلی رنگارنگ و متمایز معروف هستند، اما کل کشور اساسا به یک زبان صحبت می­کنند. جامعه و فرهنگ ژاپن بر ارزش­های فرهنگی، تصمیم­گیری اجماع و انطباق اجتماعی تاکید دارد. "میخی که بیرون بیاید، کوبیده می­شود" یک ضرب­المثل رایج و دستور­العمل رفتار اجتماعی است. جمعیت ژاپن به دلیل ترکیب نامناسب، یکی از پایین­ترین نرخ باروری در میان کشور­های توسعه یافته را دارد و به دلیل کم­ترین میزان مهاجر، با سرعت نگران کننده ای درحال کاهش است. زندگی صنعتی برای شهروندان باعث زندگی رباتی شده و به همین دلیل، بیشترین نرخ افسردگی و خودکشی را ژاپن به خود اختصاص داده است. این کشور با منظره­های دلپذیر شکوفه­های گیلاس و گلستان لاله، جشنواره های سنتی و کاستوم­های مخصوص، خود را مزین کرده و حتی صادرات خاص خود را دارد. بنیان گذار مجله های کامیک "مانگا" و صادرات عظیم صنعت انیمه بسیار پول­ساز و در سراسر دنیا پرطرفدار است.

About Iran

Iran, also called Persia, and officially the Islamic Republic of Iran, is a country in Western Asia. It has borders with Iraq to the west, Turkey to the northwest, Armenia and Azerbaijan to the north, Afghanistan and Pakistan to the east, and the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman to the south.

Lonely Planet: The world"s leading travel guide publisher Lonely Planet Iran is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Go independent to explore ancient ruins at Persepolis, take a road trip through the country"s dazzling deserts, or trek into the lush Alborz Mountains – all with your trusted travel companion. Get to the heart of Iran and begin your journey now! You"ll find the people of Iran are friendly and hospitable, with many keen to learn more about outsiders" cultures and customs.

Iran is a huge nation. It is in Western Asia with its capital at Tehran, and its economy is mostly based on oil exports. Its population is about 60% that of the U.S., and it has a very diverse language, food, and culture.Iran is a country in Middle East, on the shores of the Persian Gulf. It"s known for its ancient culture and rich history  and for its Islamic architecture. In the 20th century, Iran became an Islamic republic ruled by Islamic clerics .

Best known for its ancient ruins, the Middle East is a land where the past and present make deep and lasting impressions. Home to one of the world"s oldest civilizations, as well as Zoroastrianism—the first monotheistic religion taught in Western Asia—Iran today also boasts a wealth of natural beauty and green spaces. Located between Iraq to the west and Turkey to the northwest, Iran shares its eastern border with Afghanistan and Pakistan.An Islamic republic, Iran has a strong culture and rich history and is home to a diverse population of people. Tourists can expect a varied landscape, as a majority of the country is covered in deserts and highlands.From the peaks of the Alborz Mountains….. The Persian carpet ( also known as "the art of Iran" is a famous example of Persian handicrafts and Persian art.

Iran is the first country in the world that officially adheres to the Shi"a branch of Islam. Conquered several times by various empires, Iran has also had a long and tumultuous history, with periods of Persian Empires ruling over large areas of Eastern Europe, Africa and South Asia. At its zenith, Persia had built an Empire whose borders stretched from the Indus Valley in the east all the way to Turkey and eastern parts of Southern Europe such as Greece. Ancient Iran was also home to one of the oldest urban centers in human history – Susa, located in modern-day southwestern Iran. The Iranian national flag is green, white and red based on the Arab Liberation flag dating back to 1943. Their cuisine is rich, diverse and unique, and is one of the oldest in the world. With itscombination of meat dishes, vegetables, herbs and fruits from around the world, it"s not surprising that Iran"s food has developed a worldly reputation. Here are some popular dishes:

the Middle East with territories in Eastern Europe and Southwest Asia. Its four borders are Kazakhstan, Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan; of which, the latter three are under dispute since a decade ago due to armed violence in Nagorno-Karabakh region. It is the second largest country on the Persian Gulf after the United Arab Emirates (UAE), sharing rich oil and gas fields with OPEC members such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iraq; and is rich in mineral resources like coal, iron lie and potassium deposits. With increasing economic sanctions by western nations, there are also ongoing debates on its nuclear energy program. Islamic Spain is a name used by historians to describe the parts of the Iberian Peninsula under Muslim rule for about 800 years, until the rise of Ferdinand and Isabella that led to the Christian Reconquista (Reconquest) and the fall of Granada in 1492. Muslim conquest reached the North African coast during the life of Mohammed, but it was not until 647 that the Arab armies invaded Spain. By 718 a large area from south of modern-day Madrid to Lisbon had been conquered.

چیلر چیست؟

هدف چیلرها، چه صنعتی و چه تهویه مطبوع، انتقال گرما از یک مکان و انتقال آن به مکان دیگری برای خنک شدن است. چیلرها از آب یا نوع دیگری مایع،برای خنک کردن قطعه تجهیزاتی که می‌خواهند استفاده می‌کنند. مکانیسم پمپاژ در چیلرها محلول آب یا خنک‌کننده را پردازش کرده و به سیستم پمپاژ منتقل می‌کند تا منطقه مورد نظر خنک شود. پرکاربردترین نوع چیلر، چیلر هوا خنک تراکمی است.

چیلرها برای خنک کردن انواع محصولات به کار می‌روند و کاربرد آنها فقط عمل کردن به عنوان واحدهای تهویه مطبوع نیست. آنها برای خنک کردن محصولات، ماشین آلات، چیلرهای آب، قالب‌گیری تزریقی، صنایع غذایی و نوشیدنی و بسیاری دیگر استفاده می‌شوند.

چیلر میدیا دارای خط تولید کامل است، با طیف وسیعی از کاربردها برای برآورده کردن نیازهای متغیر مشتری تولید شده است. همچنین از فناوری تبادل حرارت طراحی نسل جدید تراکم دو مرحله‌ای برای افزایش راندمان در چیلر میدیا استفاده شده است. از طریق فناوری منحصربفرد تبادل حرارتی ثبت شده، حجم شارژ مبرد را می‌توان تا 40 درصد کاهش داد.

چیلرها برای خنک کردن ساختمان‌ها یا فرآیندها، آب سرد یا مخلوط مایع آب/گلیکول می‌سازند. چیلرها که اغلب همراه با کویل در هواگیرها استفاده می‌شوند، سیال گرم را از کویل هواگیر یا بار فرآیند دریافت می‌کنند، سپس بعد از آن دمای سیال را کاهش می‌دهند، سپس یک پمپ سیال را به کویل یا فرآیند هواگیر باز می‌گرداند. چیلرها در دو نوع اصلی وجود دارند: هوا خنک و آب خنک. یک چیلر هوا خنک، گرمای جذب شده از ساختمان یا فرآیند را مستقیما به هوای بیرون با استفاده از کویل‌های مبرد به هوا و فن‌هایی که هوای بیرون را مستقیما روی آن کویل‌ها می‌دمد، دفع می‌کند. یک چیلر آب خنک، گرمای جذب شده را به یک حلقه سیال اضافی دفع می‌کند که سپس می‌تواند گرما را از طریق یک دستگاه ثانویه مانند برج خنک کننده (متداول تر) یا خنک کننده خشک (کمتر رایج) دفع کند.